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Elissa supported all of my decisions without bias and provided me with an invaluable sounding board every step of the way... Prior to the birth, her check ins and meetings gave me a lot to think about in preparation for labor and delivery. During labor, she was able to support both my husband and me emotionally in additional to providing me with physical and informational support..Elissa stands apart from other Doulas in many ways. One of the most crucial is that she has inside knowledge of birthing hospitals. She’s a pro at navigating the confusing aspects of hospital labor and delivery. The nurses loved her because she supported us without stepping on their toes.”

                                     ---Colleen K.

"Elissa was an important part of our birth experience as she provided us with information, a listening ear, and thoughtful guidance. As first time parents, we were receiving a lot of information and Elissa helped us learn to trust our instincts and decipher what was really important. We appreciated the emotional support throughout our pregnancy, during labor, and afterwards as well. Elissa helped me stay calm and feel in control as my birth plan changed, and I was able to make educated choices with her support. We remember our birth fondly, and we know much of that is due to Elissa being our doula."

                                           ---Hannah S.

She greatly helped support me and support my husband to support me. Her ability to share her knowledge about what was going on was very helpful in keeping me in the loop and relieving stress. She was amazing, thank you Elissa! “  

---Sara S.

"I cannot say enough good things about Elissa when it comes to breastfeeding. I was struggling with nursing when I brought my son home from the hospital. Elissa helped ease my anxiety which allowed me to relax and gain confidence with breastfeeding. I know if it wasn't for her know ledge and positive attitude I would not have continued nursing."

---Ashley W

“There are no words to truly express how wonderful our experience was working with Elissa. Our journey was much longer and more taxing than anticipated, so having her there was crucial. She kept us in the moment.”

---Rachel C.

"My husband and I are so grateful to look back and see what took place at our sons birth. Both my husband and I can attest to Elissa's ability and knowledge.  Her presence during the birth of our son was a tremendous help.  This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help us along the way.  Elissa also followed up multiple times once we arrived home.  I highly recommend Elissa to anyone who is considering hiring a doula for childbirth!"
---Stephanie D

Elissa was awesome. I felt supported. She gave lots of options without being pushy. She made me feel good about everything I chose to do, no judgment. Thank you for being such a warm, caring individual, making this experience great, and listening to me.”   

---Rachel R.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, Elissa helped my son and I establish breastfeeding from the first hour after his birth. When I was unable to continue with it exclusively, she helped make sure that I tried everything and then provided emotional and informational support for the transition to supplementation- all without judgement. Elissa also provided invaluable newborn care support and instruction. We couldn't have asked for a better birth and postpartum partner.

---Colleen K.